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Drawing you to the heart of God, through modern, intentionally
designed, lifestyle products and prayer tools.

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Meet the Founders

Hi there! We’re Mari and Trey, a young husband and wife power couple that are known for our playful childlike hearts, love of beauty, and dreaming real big. Most of all, we're your 20 something year old's trying to figure out adulting all while keeping Jesus at the center of it all, just like you.


You get up in the morning and what's the first thing you do? You pour your coffee. While many of us rely on good old caffeine to start our day- we wanted to create a daily remin...


Keep the Holy Family’s hearts close to yours. A wearable reminder of the virtues each Heart possesses that we so dearly desire in our own. Our signature Sacred Heart, Chaste Hea...

Creation Blanket$42.99

God made the world and saw that it was good. Inspired by the creation story, the design features Earth's beautiful features. Soft, thin, and stylish this Turkish towel will be y...

We'll let the reviews speak for themselves.

We are so grateful for your encouragment and support!

My sister, mom, aunts, and friends have started praying again because they were drawn to the beauty of your rosaries.

Every product is so beautifully crafted but more importantly has helped me deepen my relationship with Jesus!


The beauty of your
rosaries drew me in and I started
praying it daily and have not
stopped since.

This Jesus First Tumbler is cuter than anything ever. I immediately imagined drinking coffee out of it. I dont even drink coffee hahaha!


I've only had my tote for a few days now but its all I want to use because it goes with everything! It is so soft and is the perfect shape to hold my books and purse essentials. Also, LOVE the baby's breath!


Thank you for The Heart of Christ Study! It's been the only thing that has kept me going to adoration every week.

My rosary had gotten lost while shipping and WCC immediately replaced it and sent me another one that thankfully arrived! Beautiful rosary and great company.


Beauty Transcends

Can’t find Catholic items that inspire you to deepen your faith and match your style? WCC products will fill your life with the beauty of the church without compromising your personal aesthetic. 

Our customers experience deeper prayer and communion with God the more they infuse their lives with faith filled items that bring an essence of Heaven to their everyday moments.